Our Why

It’s simple. We want you to be able to access world-leading products for your high-performance build. 

Generational Builds
We believe buildings should last for generations, providing healthy, safe homes and workplaces now and into the future. 

The ability to manage moisture and air quality is fundamental to healthy builds. The Pro Clima range of products and accessories leads the way in moisture and air tightness management. 

Devin Grant and Justin O’Connor have worked in the construction industry for a combined 35 years. They've specialised in high-performance builds and Passive House projects, winning awards for excellence in their respective fields. 

Why Pro Clima?
Pro Clima is a German-based company founded in 1978 with a worldwide network. In seeking the world's best practice products for their clients, the guys found Pro Clima stood head and shoulders above the rest. 

The Problem
The issue for Australian builders was having enough stock to satisfy the growing demand for high-performance and Passive House builds. 

Devin and Justin started importing products for themselves, but the word spread. They were soon bulk ordering as more in the high-performance build industry discovered the superiority of Pro Clima products and accessories.

The Solution
The team recognised the need for a dedicated Pro Clima distributor with stock ready to go. So that’s what we did. We sourced a warehouse in Melbourne’s west and spent a couple of years building a large stock holding to meet the needs of residential and commercial projects. 

Our What

We do one thing, and we do it well. We're Australia's only dedicated Pro Clima distributor, exclusively selling Pro Clima systems and accessories. 


PM has everything you need for your build or renovation in Weather Resistive Barrier (WRB) and Intelligent Air Barrier (IAB) Systems and project specific accessories. 

Our How

Performance Membranes are Pro Clima specialists with boots on the ground. We've got stock ready for delivery to your build or pick up from our Melbourne warehouse. 

And we don't just sell you the products. PM is your go-to for advice, education, logistics support, and installation training.

Free Installation Training

Our products are world-class and installation is a key component of the building process.


That’s why we offer free installation training with our Pro Clima specialists. Whether you're a first-time owner builder or a master builder, we have the training to suit you.

Meet Our Team


Justin has over 20 years of experience in the building industry, with much of that dedicated to pursuing low-energy construction. He moved into the field of high-performance construction, becoming a sought-after source of technical advice to the industry.

As a qualified carpenter and joiner, Justin is a believer in quality construction and materials. His commitment to excellence has seen him win numerous state and national building excellence awards.


Justin is a former Australian Passive House Association board member, a Certified Passive House Tradesman, and an Accredited Airtightness tester with ATTMA. He continues to consult and advise architects, builders, and homeowners, providing construction assembly detailing for safe construction, something he believes everyone should be able to access.



Devin is a leading and respected Melbourne builder with 14 years at the helm of Granted Constructions. In 2015 Devin became a registered Passive House Tradesperson and has since completed multiple Passive House builds. In 2018, Devin won the Master Builders Victoria 2018 Best Sustainable Home Award. 

Devin has a passion for high-performance, and Passive House builds. He is dedicated to raising the standard for air and weather-tight commercial and residential buildings in the construction industry.



Kevin has over 20 years in and around the building industry, with extensive project management and business development experience. He's worked across the architectural, building, business relocation and tech sectors. 

Kevin's passionate about best-in-class building construction products and methodologies. He's a born solution finder and operates in a relational 'people first' way, making him the perfect fit for PM. 



Karen comes to us with 20 years of experience in logistics, procurement, customer service and accounts. She spent the last eight years sourcing and supplying high-performance products to the construction industry. 

Karen's commited to making a difference for people by helping PM ensure healthy, sustainable, and energy-efficient housing and commercial builds. 



Vanessa has over 15 years of experience with business accounting and finance within the building and construction sector. She has an excellent understanding of the dynamics of the sector, which enables her to provide exceptional value, along with her strong attention to detail and high performance standards.


When she's not undertaking everything accounting, she may well be looking after one of your loved ones as a Clinical Nurse Consultant or relaxing with a nice glass of wine in her Certified Passive House.